Daily Notes


05 May

2019 05 16

  • Taking the day to get things done around the house

2019 05 15

  • Heading down the Florida next week, it’s to work so don’t be too jealous
  • Working Real Estate
  • Completely Switched to the i3 Desktop environment. to make full use of the Ergodox EZ keyboard and not needing the mouse Ergodox EZ Configurator Current Layout
  • With the above I’ve switched to the qutebrowser as well. a vim key binding controlled web browser
  • Still fully engaged with Emacs (spacemacs) and all it’s wonders..
  • Finally got the Garage walkway pad removed after fixing Baldi’s Concrete saw fuel line

04 April

2019 04 18

  • I’ve adapted to the split keyboard pretty well and gone over 3 weeks without changing the layout so I’m happy with that.
  • Got the Pooper Park keys for off leash play at the park.
  • Trying a new Medication on Jazz to eliminate the seizures all together
  • More news coming on the Real Estate front soon

03 March

2019 03 08

  • I’ve acquired an Ergodox-ez keyboard. It’s defiantly going to take some getting used to.
  • I’ve also survived the latest rackspace layoff, I wasn’t concerned but many have expressed interest in knowing

02 February

2019 02 28

  • I’ve found the Major Slow down of my Emacs Setup. mu4e I gave it a year of good use but it still falls short of what mutt will do, and mutt’s speed is amazing
  • I was reading Major Hayden’s Blog again and saw that he’s using I3 Window manager and went and checked out their page. I noticed that the default control is 1 Keyboard 2 mouse as a minor (yeah it works too) feel, I tried it out. I believe I’ve switched from KDE/Plasma permanently.
  • I’m note sure if I had a Bug (physical) or just on a down cycle but since the weekend with the family with my Uncle Ken’s passing I’ve been really out of it, Unmotivated Down and lethargic. I Believe I am finally coming out of it.

2019 02 12

  • Found out my Uncle Kenny Died Saturday. Services and Information
  • Since My last Update I’m now a 7 Year Racker (Rackspace Employee) This is the longest I’ve worked at any one place.
  • Keep an Ear out for DragonLore (new band potential)
  • I/We have finally paid off our first new Car the 2013 Nissan Juke
  • I’ve been Digging into Puppet (Configuration Management) for RS and in general.. Re Acquiring knowledge.
  • Between the last update in December I’ve have been Accepted and Initiated as an Entered Apprentice of the Oak Forest Lodge 832 of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons


12 December

2018 12 14

  • Back from the Rained out Christmas Party as Sea World San Antonio.
  • Had Dinner with Family Exchange some gifts.
  • OH NO MY Niece is Driving. Stay off the roads.. I’m old
  • Tried to move to Vanilla Emacs, Spacemacs has too many features that I use Each Day. I’m going to work on modifying Spacemacs to fit my needs

2018 12 03

  • Getting ready to head out to corporate tomorrow for the week.. (Christmas party)!
  • Attempting to get exwm working as a wm on a little Ideapad.

11 November

2018 11 23

  • End of another thanksgiving.
  • On Vacation for the next week.
  • Puppy Baths and Working on re arranging the office
  • the Show with Train wreck went quite well. I only messed up a bit. I want to see how the video turned out.

2018 11 15

  • I’ve switched back to org-journal for daily notes and journeying for

incidental notes.

  • Introduced to The Cockpit Project Linux Server web GUI
  • I found this via the code in the Archinstall Script by Empty
  • Practice with Ralph Tonite In Valparaiso

2018 11 09

It is sad this political climate. I had found my self getting too wrapped up in the stupidity of it all. Some friends are tied into the same type of frustration but on the other side of my current view. Causing them to not want to discuss or get together (live out of town from each other). I predict this division of the country will not end until the physical division matches the representative division. I’ve said years ago this country will physically divide into at least 3 parts. I now think it will be Costs and Mid America, with Cities like Chicalifornia being Islands like Berlin during the cold war.

2018 11 07

  • Practice get ready for the Gig next Saturday
  • ScreemKing Practice today.. ow my fingers.

2018 11 05k

  • In Moratorium with RS Still making changes before December
  • Only changes are due to lack of drive space
  • I got the opnsense firewalls working. (still cannot get CARP over want for DHCP assigned single routable IP)
  • I really like the net flow stuff on opnsense
  • Masons Tonite!
  • Making sure to be ready to Vote tomorrow!!!!


* *

10 October

2018 10 04

  • I think I’ve finally got a theme for Hugo that looks good and works properly

2018 10 02

  • Back at work after Trip to San Antonio where I dislodged a 10mm Kidney stone.
  • Practice with Trainwreck tonite. Looking forward to it. I am going to need to learn a lot of tunes, I’m sure

09 September

2018 09 27

  • Spent this week in San Antonio,
  • Found out and dislodged a Kidney stone 10mm had to have a stint installed.

2018 09 13

  • the New rspamd and dovecot (in conjunction with docker) is quite cool. * Spent Most of last nite getting radhits mail server working. YAY!

2018 09 12

  • I’m going to attempt to add Posts per day (where I can fit them in) and additional articles when they need more space than this.

2018 09 11

  • Attempting to get new Stuff into the blog and to push things up daily
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