The Daily Rock: Ozzy's Understanably Pissed About the Sting in Fargo

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Ozzy’s Understandably Pissed About the Sting in Fargo

November 6th, 2007 by MrsBarnes When Ozzy’s tour came through Fargo, a few people got special invites to a meet n greet. It was actually a sting operation by local police to nab a bunch of dead beat dads. Looks like it worked, seeing as they made over 40 arrests.. but ,if they knew where they lived, why didn’t they just go and ARREST THEM. ?? This just screams of a wanna be big time sherriff in Fargo looking for some attention like that asshat down in Phoenix.

Yesterday, Ozzy’s people released the following statement:

‘Since when does the lure of an OZZY OSBOURNE concert become the impetus for a sting operation by one local sheriff?

That’s what an outraged OSBOURNE would like to know after the events that transpired Monday, October 29 before his show at the Fargodome in Fargo, ND.’

As masterminded by Paul D. Laney, “

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