My Honey Bunney

My Honey Bunny Yesterday Morning we had to euthanize our 11 year old Lab/Boxer Mix, Honey. She had a neurological condition that blocked signals from the brain reaching here back legs, as well as apparent nephropathy that was degenerative. She couldn’t feel here back feet, this was evident by here stepping on the front of her paws and dragging here claws. It had gotten to the point where she couldn’t control here bowels.

Honey had many names Squirt, ball smacker, happy jaws, toad butt, slurp monster, velvet ears. but she was my honey bunny. I was better prepared for Jake back in may, partially due to him being 14 and the slow progression of his age related issues. The process with honey came on quick .. pretty much since January this year, when she crashed down the stairs into my legs, almost knocking me over, that resulted in a few moments of yipping and gingerly navigating stairs afterward.

I prefer to remember the good times Tugging the Woobee (floss rope) and chasing tennis balls, and Kongs around. I’m really going to miss my bunny.