My iPhone Damaged!

As Some may know I dropped my Iphone 3g into the toilet. I was bending to lift the lid and it fell out of my shirt pocket and splunk. (AAAAAH) I retrieved it quickly yet it did get water in the innards. I turned it off and had it sit in a plastic bag with rice and one of those Silica bags meant to draw out water. 48 hours later it turned on fine and made calls. Though it had funny water stain patterns on the screen. everything seemed to work except the home button. After calling AT&Monopoly about upgrade status, I get the ha not till December answer. Apple wasn’t any help either they said since it got wet it would be $199 to fix it. Well yesterday they fixed it for free, though I don’t think they meant to. See after installing the Iphone OS 3.1 update which came out yesterday amongst all the “how the Beatles changed the world” hype. I accidentally hit the home button last nite out of habit and WHOAH it worked, Whats this.. OMG I got my phone back.!

So Apple was going to charge me 2oo bucks for what turns out to be a reinstall… BASTADGES

oh well I have my phone back and everything works.. Cool beans.