Comcast Officially caps broadband that it already secretly capped

Now is the time to setup Bandwidth monitoring and start complaining when your speed is not that which your paying. For Example if your paying for a 6mbps feed and consitant speed tests show you at 4mbps.. Complain Daily.

as I have an 8mbps feed and there are times where I get only 2mbps. from the same speed test site(S) that show 13 at other times.

A: this is because of the big downloaders hogging the pipe… well no see i’m paying for an 8mbps feed. I get to use the 8 meg all day every day that is what the word (UNLIMITED) means. so they need to have the capability to provide 8 meg to each customer that pays for 8 meg.

Basicly it comes down to marketing and pooling. The marketing dept likes to make claims of “”” 8 mbps for $59.95 a month “” but If I were to get a DS3 at 8 mbps per month it would be around $1500 a month.. Little different. anyway they should drop the UNLIMITED wording from ads and come up with a new truthfull buzz word like up to 12mbps when it’s available and others aren’t being bittorrent whores.. That is more like reality.

Comcast Officially Caps Broadband That It Had Already Secretly Capped