AT&T to offer un-subsidized IPhone 3g with no commitment required?

I say it’s about time! and WHERE IS THE TETHERING!!! SHEESH

ATT to offer un-subsidized iPhone 3g

For existing AT&T subscribers looking to get a new handset for a few months before they make that inevitable Pre / iPhone 3.0 / Gizmondo decision this summer — or folks who just despise contracts in general — it looks like AT&T will be offering unsubsidized iPhone 3Gs at last. According to some training slides obtained by The Boy Genius, the ‘no-commit’ price will only be available to existing customers, and will run them $599 for the 8GB model and $699 for the 16GB. Sounds like somebody’s looking to flush a bit of stock, or perhaps they’ve finally decided to almost treat the phone like pretty much every single other device on the market — wild times we’re living in, folks. The no-commit o”