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More Laws Yep that’s it that’s what we need

For as long as they’ve been banded about, 3D printers were regarded as the path to a new economy, a method of distributed manufacturing, and a revolution for the current consumer culture. With every revolution, a few people need to get angry and the guys at Defense Distributed are doing their part to make that happen. They’re designing a handgun able to be printed on a hobbyist-level 3D printer

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New Plastic Conducts Heat Better Than Metals, But Only in One Direction

New Plastic Conducts Heat Better Than Metals, But Only in One Direction: “

Polymers are generally put to work as insulators, but a team of researchers at MIT has devised a way to turn polyethylene — the most commonly used polymer — into a conductor that transfers heat better than many pure metals. But the conversion of insulator to conductor is only half of the breakthrough; by coaxing all the polymer molecules into precise alignment, the researchers have created a polyethylene that conducts heat in only one direction. The plastic material remains an electrical insulator.

Getting a bunch of polymer molecules to fall in line is no easy task — left to their own devices, the molecules will settle into a chaotic arrangement that is resistant to heat transfer. But the MIT team found that by drawing polyethylene fibers slowly out of a solution they could get the molecules to line up facing the same way, creating a material that will let heat pass in one direction but not the other.

This kind of one-way conductor is ripe for myriad applications in devices where heat must be drawn away from a certain place, such as heat exchangers, computer processors or portable electronics. With a thermal conductivity 300 times greater than conventional polyethylene, the polymer is actually more conductive than about half of all pure metals, meaning it could potentially replace metal conductors in several common devices.

Of course, all that is dependent on scaling the process to create conductive polyethylene at market-feasible prices and quantities, something the team has not yet done. But should they find a way to produce the stuff in bulk, it could quickly jump from lab bench to commercial applications, providing a cheap alternative to certain metals used in heat exchange — metals that add cost and sometimes an environmental toll to common devices.

[Science Daily]

Global Warming: Myth or Fact?

Global Warming: Myth or Fact?:

…….. Amid dire predictions that we are doing too little too late and violence in the streets, 2,500 scientists from 130 countries remain united in their belief that the current global warming crisis is an undisputable fact and is indeed fueled by human pollution, in particular CO2. With so many scientists in agreement, it is surprising to discover that a number of scientists continue to debate whether the current warming trend is caused by man or is due to Mother Nature’s natural cycles.

This part where “with so many scientists in agreement,, etc….” There was almost ALL scientists used to agree that the earth was flat ” completly undispluted fact of the world. ”

Ginkgo doesn’t work: Are there better ways to save your brain? –

Ginkgo doesn’t work: Are there better ways to save your brain? – “Ginkgo biloba has failed — again — to live up to its reputation for boosting memory and brain function. Just over a year after a study showed that the herb doesn’t prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, a new study from the same team of researchers has found no evidence that ginkgo reduces the normal cognitive decline that comes with aging.”

All I have to say is ” Well Crap I thought it would work!”