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Fundamentals of Browsing

This Gist was floating around the IRC Chats the other day and I though I would share.. To Help family and friends keep their machines un-infected and un-encumbered.


The purpose of this “howto” is to document how browsing can be done in a privacy and security conscious manner. This information is compiled from a number of sources, which are referenced throughout the document, as well as my own experiences with the described technologies.

I welcome contributions and comments on the information contained. Please see the “How to Contribute” section for information on contributing your own knowledge.


Blizzard Compromise

Taken from the ICS Diary

James brought this to my attention shortly after I checked in for my shift:

There are a few more details here:

Check out this Geek Howto on changing your password

Also Check out the authenticator 

I believe they also have an iPhone app for multi facet authentication.

It’s time to drop my ICQ Account due to “Russian Company Buys ICQ”

Russian Company Buys ICQ: “An anonymous reader writes ‘AOL has sold ICQ to Digital Sky Technologies (DST), Russia’s largest Internet company, for US$187.5 million. DST’s offer was apparently more attractive than those of Russia’s ProfMedia and China’s Tencent. ICQ, originally released in 1996 and bought by AOL in 1998 for US$407 million, was one of the world’s first major instant messaging systems. Although largely forgotten in English-speaking countries, it remains widely popular in Central Europe, Russia, and Israel. Moscow News has additional coverage of the deal.Read more of this story at Slashdot.