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ZNC vs IRSSI Proxy

I have been using IRSSI and it’s proxy feature to keep a running connection to freenode. While I play road warrior with the laptop. With a bit of down time over the holidays I came across ZNC. While not a new project it is new to me. I found that it’s features set and project focus is what I was trying to have IRSSI do for me. This IRC bouncer they call it is quite mature now and has many module for expansion.. check it out at

Could Coraid be readying for takeoff

Coraid is that niche ATA over Ethernet (AOE) vendor that’s always about to break out of its reservation but never has. That could be about to change if things we’re hearing from resellers are true.


We Tried purchasing Coraid via the CDW Channel. Two very disturbing factors were expressed as requirements to purchase. 75% of the tray had to be full of their $279 1TB sata Hard Drives (12 of 16) and the $800+ service contract. so the 4000 tray + 4100 in drives and contract to replace them will keep them from breaking out.

After I expressed the unwillingness to pay 3 X what I could get a 2TB sata drive for. They Stayed firm on the drive requirements and service contract.

we’re using regular PC with Debian and AOE from the Main stream kernel.

Hackers completely break SSL using 200 PS3s

Hackers completely break SSL using 200 PS3s:

A team of security researchers and academics has broken a core piece of internet technology. They made their work public at the 25th Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin today. The team was able to create a rogue certificate authority and use it to issue valid SSL certificates for any site they want. The user would have no indication that their HTTPS connection was being monitored/modified.

PayPal Says Linux Grid Can Replace Mainframes — Linux — InformationWeek

Ah Yes Linux Costs More to maintain, it’s not as secure, it’s a fad that will not last, and the best one is… it’s using microsoft innovation oh man lol they need MS standup comic 2008 unbelievable

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