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Mom had come down for the holidays and to visit, as well as soak up the good weather of winter in south Texas. We Just took her to the airport and she’s not looking forward to the cold weather of the northwest Indiana Chicago Area.

Work is good. Rackspace is a really good place to work.. they don’t just say that. Forbes says it, and so do I. I have never worked for a place where I have no interest in keeping my options open.. or keeping my eye on the Job boards. I’ve actually drank the Kool-aid and am loving my Job.

We took Jazz to an Internal medicine Vet to look at his seizure records and dosage etc, due to his seizures becoming more frequent. We’re upping the dosage of Zonsimide and the potassium bromide. Hopefully This will have a good affect.

We have moved to a new (to us) house in San Antonio. It’s smaller, only 2 bedrooms and we’re going to have to get rid of even More stuff but With Just nana, I and the Critters we don’t really need more room.


More Later..


ZNC vs IRSSI Proxy

I have been using IRSSI and it’s proxy feature to keep a running connection to freenode. While I play road warrior with the laptop. With a bit of down time over the holidays I came across ZNC. While not a new project it is new to me. I found that it’s features set and project focus is what I was trying to have IRSSI do for me. This IRC bouncer they call it is quite mature now and has many module for expansion.. check it out at

In Loving Memory of William M Buchaus Sr.

In Loving Memory of

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Apple’s Crappy app store review times

I’m apparently slow to arrive to the party of being pissed at apple for their app store review times.   I then read the app store review process and believe that most app developers are being coerced into using the app store because of the huge apple marketing machine.  Check out the time it takes at    I’m Currently waiting for  7 apps to clear the apple review process.  some of the criteria:

2. Functionality

Apps that crash will be rejected
Apps that exhibit bugs will be rejected
Apps that do not perform as advertised by the developer will be rejected
Apps that include undocumented or hidden features inconsistent with the description of the App will be rejected
Apps that use non-public APIs will be rejected
Apps that are “beta”, “demo”, “trial”, or “test” versions will be rejected
Apps that duplicate Apps already in the App Store may be rejected, particularly if there are many of them

I’ve written most of the developers asking how I convert the license away from the app store.    Tom Andersen of Ironic software has replied and allowed me to do so ..  Many thanks to Tom, check out their software  Yep and Leap  I’ve been using them for years.


Aparently more are learning of this issue and are blogging as well

More Laws Yep that’s it that’s what we need

For as long as they’ve been banded about, 3D printers were regarded as the path to a new economy, a method of distributed manufacturing, and a revolution for the current consumer culture. With every revolution, a few people need to get angry and the guys at Defense Distributed are doing their part to make that happen. They’re designing a handgun able to be printed on a hobbyist-level 3D printer

Full Story at Hack a Day

Wow This is a Surprise

Just in time for VMworld, VMware is about to join the OpenStack Foundation as a Gold member, along with Intel and NEC, according to a post on the OpenStack Foundation Wiki.  The applications for membership are on the agenda of the August 28 OpenStack Foundation meeting.

A year ago, an VMware-OpenStack hookup would have been seen as unlikely.  When Rackspace and NASA launched the OpenStack Project more than two years ago, it was seen as a competitive response to VMware’s server virtualization dominance inside company data centers and to Amazon heft in public cloud computing.  Many tech companies including but not limited to Rackspace, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Citrix, Red Hat and Microsoft saw VMware as a threat and were bound and determined to keep the company from extending its virtualization lock into the cloud.


Read More At GigaOm

People think the TSA is doing a good Job (WHAT CRAP)

There is a Forbes Aricle that touts stats about the gallup poll that finds a bunch of people think the tea is doing a good Job

They polled some 1100 people  (how many of them have had to go through TSA in Chicago or LA ???? )  

San Antonnio wasn’t bad and I got through pretty quickly.. but overall what are they preventing?  I know they’re causing frustration with general passengers

This has made it to Slashdot as well

Blizzard Compromise

Taken from the ICS Diary

James brought this to my attention shortly after I checked in for my shift:

There are a few more details here:

Check out this Geek Howto on changing your password

Also Check out the authenticator 

I believe they also have an iPhone app for multi facet authentication.

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